Young Filipino Social Entrepreneur who gives school bags to poor kids gets recognition in Japan

08 Nov 2019 07:40AM

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In Sitio Lipata, Camarines Sur, during a bag distribution that benefits over a hundred school children in this remote island. Manila, Philippines – From going to school using a red-striped plastic bag during his elementary years, Filipino young social entrepreneur…


09 Jul 2019 02:04PM

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By Michael Angelo S. Murillo, Reporter Posted on June 19, 2015 HAVING experienced poverty at such an early age, Josh Mahinay knew he had to do something if he was to improve his and his family’s plight. And he found the…

The mission of Josh Mahinay

09 Jul 2019 01:50PM

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“All of us have something to contribute in nation-building. Nobody is too poor to give, nobody is too young to start something, nobody is too busy to serve and nobody is too ordinary to do great things.” – Josh Mahinay…


09 Jul 2019 11:53AM

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Josh Mahinay Published 2:26 PM, August 09, 2013 Updated 8:23 PM, August 09, 2013   American dream My American reality started in a hotel in Nevada where I wore the same blue collar as many professionals like doctors and bank…

Continuing the culture of generosity

09 Jul 2019 11:43AM

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By: Josh Mahinay – @inquirerdotnet Philippine Daily Inquirer / 11:13 PM January 25, 2014 Poverty taught me the necessity and value of education. The limitations that come with it propelled me to dream, and dream big for my self, my family and for others….

US migrant returns, gives back to PH students

09 Jul 2019 11:21AM

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‘All of us are part of this fight for a better Philippines. Be involved and engaged in what’s happening in our country,’ Josh Mahinay urges other OFWs Miguel Sevidal Published 11:49 AM, August 05, 2015 Updated 6:47 PM, August 05,…

Cultural Preservation Projects

09 Jul 2019 09:48AM

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Jr. Weavers Program  The BEAGIVER Jr. Weavers Program is an impact project which aims to empower minority groups economically by preserving their traditional culture of weaving and using it as a means to strengthen  their source of livelihood and improve…

Solar lamps

09 Jul 2019 09:48AM

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Losing electricity for the night is a huge inconvenience for all of us. Imagine all the chores that we’ll have to do in the dark— the dinner meal that we have to cook, the dishes that we have to wash…

School boats

09 Jul 2019 09:47AM

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  In a country wrathed by natural disasters, misinformation, corruption, and extreme poverty, the call to serve the people may seem like a rare purpose for the Filipinos to choose. But it seems like our ancestors have raised us well….

Water Tanks

09 Jul 2019 09:46AM

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How could an archipelago have no available water for the people living in it?   Well, it seems like being in a third world country with unsophisticated technology guarantees endless possibilities. In the Philippines, hundreds of communities still struggle in their-day-to-day…