HBW donates school supplies to the students of the first Teach Anywhere class in the Philippines. 

The kids could not hide their excitement upon seeing the new school supplies given to them by HBW for the culminating activity of its Christmas Giving Project held last November 21 at Purok Doldol, Zamboanga Sibugay.  According to their teacher, Mahsher Shariff, having school supplies is a privilege that the kids’ parents in their purok cannot afford. Thus, the kids only use the school supplies that their learning center can provide. But, unfortunately,  after weeks of lessons and educational activities, the school supplies are getting scarce, not enough for the almost 100 students of the learning center. So, when HBW chose their school as the beneficiary community of their Corporate Social Responsibility program in partnership with BEAGIVER Ventures Inc. as its implementer, Teacher Mahsher was truly happy that his students would finally have school supplies of their own. 


Distribution of the school supplies given by HBW Enterprises Co.

School supply kits from HBW

Kindergarten pupils of Purok Doldol’s Teach Anywhere Class/ Kubo Learning Center

Teach Anywhere is a project led by Teacher Mahsher Shariff in partnership with the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation and AHA Learning Center, and was inspired by the Teaching at the Right Level program of Pratham Education Foundation in South Africa, where many children too, need help to access education. 


Teacher Shariff applies the approach that he learned from PRATHAM Education Foundation.              

Co-teachers of Teacher Shariff also dedicate their weekends to facilitate the classes in Teach Anywhere.

Teach Anywhere aims to support students in need of learner-centered guidance to improve their literacy and numeracy skills.

Through the program, Teacher Mahsher and other volunteer teachers aim to support students in need of learner-centered guidance to improve their literacy and numeracy skills. The program, which ran from September 1 with a little more than 20 students, grew to almost a hundred before its completion in the third week of October. Following the success of the first run, Teacher Mahsher and his team are looking forward to the next set of students that will benefit from their approach to Teaching. Hopefully, with corporations like HBW’s support, more of Teacher Mahsher’s future classes will be as successful as the first one, with equally happy and inspired students.