Who We Are

BEAGIVER is a social enterprise that inspires a culture of generosity by providing individuals and organizations opportunities to make  socially responsible impact in a meaningful way through its BAG (Be a giver) movement.

Starting out as a community activity among friends who wanted to give back in 2013, our enterprise developed and was incorporated as BEAGIVER VENTURES INC. in 2017. We first focused on selling bags with the Buy One Give One model where customers who buy a bag are able to give another bag of high quality to kids whose family could not afford to buy them one. Now, our customers can choose to directly purchase the number of ‘give bags’ that they want for their beneficiary school or community. We have  also diversified our product offerings to include clothing and other items that helps causes in the communities. 

Other key activities of the enterprise are fair production in socially – challenged communities where we manufacture our products and merchandise requirements of our corporate clients, bag drives targeting impoverished school kids, and events for social awareness in the Philippines in partnership with like-minded companies and organisations. 

With social impact at the core of what we do, our program has now expanded from giving of school bags with raincoats to providing economic benefits to partner communities through livelihood programs, clean water source in remote villages, school boats to carry school teachers to reach distant islands, solar lamps for off-grid communities and scholarship program for underprivileged but hardworking students. All these are funded from the 25%  of the enterprise’s net profit. 

To know more about our activities, you may follow @beagiverph, @beagiverdreamsproject and @beagivercampaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Mission, Vision and Core Values

The mission of BEAGIVER is to inspire a culture of generosity by providing opportunities for individuals and organizations to make a socially responsible impact in a meaningful way through its BAG (Be a giver) movement 

We envision to be the leading social enterprise in Southeast Asia in 2025 that is  committed to sustainable growth through engagement with stakeholders who initiate high-impact programs in the communities that we serve, setting the highest industry standard of excellence and quality of service. We are also committed to provide a working environment that is meaningful, empowering, fun and progressive. In our movement, we are guided by these values beliefs:


The ultimate expression of our love and faith in God is our service to others. God is honoured in our generosity, and we give because He first gave to us.


Integrity: We commit ourselves to the highest moral principles and standard , both on our personal conduct and on how we do business. Honesty, transparency and accountability are key principles we uphold.


Value: We believe that nobody is too poor to give, too busy to serve, too young to start something and too ordinary to do great things. To us, it is all about creating value for the people and the community.


Excellence: Either in serving our customers and beneficiaries or in creating products and services, excellence is our minimum requirement.


Relevance: Innovation is key to staying relevant as an enterprise or organisation. We value the culture of learning, of always finding better ways of doing things.

To deliver our enterprise promise, all processes in our entire operation are done with the customer-givers’ meaningful experience in mind, and social impact at the top of our priority. 

sir josh

Our Story

“I walked 10 kilometers to school every day. Walking down the beaten path surrounded by mountains, I saw limitations everywhere. I had dreams- but whenever my books, notebooks and pen roll down the hill or get soiled in the mud because the plastic I used as a school bag ripped open, I am once more reminded of my reality.

But one day, my distant relative came to visit and gave me a hand-me-down school bag. Because someone thought about me and believed in me, I started to believe in myself too. I carried my bag with renewed confidence, more inspired to study well and go for my dreams.

Having experienced the love and generosity of the other people in my life’s journey, I am now continuing the culture of generosity through BEAGIVER, a social enterprise I founded which champions education for the impoverished school kid in the Philippines.

With your purchase, you have chosen to make a difference. As you walk with your backpack, a child somewhere in the Philippines is walking empowered and inspired, smiling with a renewed sense of worth, carrying with him the other pair of your bag that’s starting to fill up with dreams again.

Thank you for your help in building this nation and welcome to our community of givers! Continue the culture of generosity wherever you are.”  

Josh Mahinay


Click here for the video of our story.