What We Do


BEAGIVER Ventures, Inc. has developed various engagement opportunities for individuals and organizations who want to create an impact to the different communities. The following are BEAGIVER’s core activities that continue to flourish and aid the organization to make a change:


  1. BUY ONE, GIVE ONE. When you purchase any of our bags, one bag goes to you and another goes to a beneficiary school kid from our adopted public schools and communities in the Philippines. Other products that support causes  are also available at our online shop.

  1. BAG DRIVES. We conduct bag drives in many parts of the Philippines to support the education of impoverished school children. Through this, individuals and organizations can choose to either initiate a campaign on our online platform for the beneficiary school or community  of their choice or support a campaign that speaks to their hearts.
  1. COMMUNITY LIVELIHOOD. We provide livelihood opportunities to our adopted and partner communities. The  raw materials of our artisan products are sourced from our adopted Yakan Weaving Community in Zamboanga City. On the other hand, our bags are manufactured by our partner sewing communities in Bulacan, Rizal and Manila,  composed of mothers and fathers who used to be unemployed but now have sustainable source of income and are able to put food on the table and support the education of their children.


  2. EVENTS FOR SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT. In order to spread the Culture  of Generosity, we create events and travel to key cities in the Philippines to inspire and encourage the youth to give back to their own communities. The Generosity Caravan (TGC) is one of BEAGIVER’s prime event that continues to empower the younger generation for nation-building. This has also become an opportunity for like-minded companies and organisations to rally with us on our cause. These activities are made possible because of the many givers and advocates all over the world. So what are you waiting for? Be part of the movement now!