Community Livelihood


Our company believes that in order to attain our vision of giving back to the people, we have to go beyond the literal concept of giving and venture in investing in the empowerment of communities’ livelihood.  This way, we are able to achieve a more sustainable way of giving back to the communities particularly our sewing partners from Bulacan and Marikina City and the Yakan weaving community in Zamboanga City.

Sewing Partners

For years since its establishment, our designs have been brought to life by the intricate craftsmanship of our sewing partners in Bulacan and Marikina City. Through our partnership with them, our company has been able to produce multi-purpose bags of high quality— a proof of how skilled our local workers can be, contrary to the reigning belief that foreign products are greater than local ones.  At the same time, our partnership with them contributes in the stability of our sewing partner’s source o livelihood.

Yakan Weaving Community

The richness of our country manifests in the beauty of our local products and through our Yakan Weave bag we showcase the unique patterns and diverse colors of Zamboanga City’s Yakan fabric. As an endangered skill among the Yakan tribe, our partnership with the Yakan Weaving Community contributes to the exposure of their beautifully made natural fabric and increase in income opportunity.

These are just two of the many communities that we hope to empower and help in the future. Soon, we believe that we will attain a country with a reliable local industry.


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