Join BEAGIVER Campaigns and together we can help your community! 

People are now getting back on the streets, not because it’s safe but because they have no choice. For almost three months since the quarantine was implemented, thousands of office workers, PUV drivers, vendors and all kinds of laborers were forced out of their jobs, making the lives of people in the marginalized sectors of the society even more vulnerable.

To help communities struggling to survive , we at BEAGIVER Campaigns utilized our platform to reach out to people in need by launching the #WeGiveAsOne campaign. From organizing campaigns that advocate for the accessibility of education since 2017, we opened our platform to cater to other types of initiatives that can provide relief to communities distressed by the ongoing crisis. Through this campaign, individuals from different parts of the country were able to initiate campaigns that raised food packs, masks, and PPEs to frontliners and families in need.

Our Campaigners 

Among our first campaigners is a renowned non-governmental organization, the  Tzu Chi Foundation—represented by Dr. Anton Lim. Despite the mandate on wearing masks and a penalty had one been caught with none, buying masks can be an extra cost for a poor family in the urban poor communities of Zamboanga.  To address this problem, a renowned non-governmental organization in Zamboanga represented by Dr. Anton Lim, initiated a campaign to raise 15,000 masks for all the people living in the impoverished communities of Zamboanga City. In less than a week of putting up their campaign on our platform, they have already raised 10,000 masks which benefited not only the community they will give them too but also the local dressmakers whom they employed to make the masks.  Now, their ongoing campaign has already raised 13,602 masks. 

Tzu-Chi Foundation distributes the masks that they raised to the impoverished community in Zamboanga City.

Meanwhile, in Bohol, the Dalareich Chocolate House, a social enterprise famous for its world-class chocolates, initiated a campaign to provide food packs for the families of the displaced workers in Bohol, whom are mostly tourism industry workers affected by the sudden halt in their operations in response to the virus outbreak. 

Ms. Dalareich Polot and family prepare the food packs that they raised for the displaced workers’ families in Bohol

In Negros, the same kind of initiative  was created by TAHUD, a youth-led organization that focuses in the environmental sustainability of La Carlota City. Through their campaign, TAHUD focused on raising food packs to provide for the senior citizens and poor families left vulnerable by the longest lockdown in the world. 

One of the youth members of Tahud, gives the food pack to one of their campaign’s beneficiary family.

Did you know that we also reached the marginalized Filipino communities living in Sabah, Malaysia? Through  a campaign initiated by, an organization dedicated to protecting the human rights of the stateless Filipinos in Sabah, food packs were delivered to Filipino families that were at risk at not getting food from the government for their current citizenship status. Through our platform’s help, the campaign that initiated generated 339 food packs for all the families who almost had to live with nothing during those months.   

A Filipino family living in Sabah, Malaysia sits beside the food pack raised by for the stateless Filipino community in Sabah.

We were indeed very amused at how many individuals and organizations wanted to help their own communities and barangays. In fact, there are still several ongoing campaigns on our platform which you can continue to support.  However, now that days have passed and a majority of the population is forced to go back to the streets again despite barely flattening the curve or  reaching our testing target, what could the next days and months mean especially to the marginalized sectors of our society? 

Realizing that we may have to do more for our communities now that millions are still struggling to survive, we are officially launching our platform as a wider avenue for ordinary people who want to give back to their own communities. Through a new, diverse set of campaigns we aim to empower everyone who has the heart for giving to stand up for their communities and keep the culture of generosity alive during these times.

How to join the movement of BEAGIVER Campaigns

BEAGIVER Campaigns is a platform made for people who want to give. Since it has always been our mission to create opportunities that will allow ordinary individuals and organizations to make a socially responsible impact in a meaningful way, BEAGIVER Campaigns shall give us just that. With BEAGIVER Campaigns, you can start any campaign for a community or organization that you would like to help. Once your campaign is posted on the website, we will help you promote it to more people until we reach those who are willing to support your campaign. 

How do I create a campaign? 

Initiating a campaign is easy. All you need to do is visit our website at, click ‘initiate a campaign’, and fill out a form asking for the details about the campaign you’d like to make. Tell us something about what inspired you to create your campaign and a short description of the community you’re helping. These few details should be able to tell the world what your campaign is all about and reach the people who may be interested in helping you out. 

After accomplishing the form, click submit and our team will evaluate your campaign within 24 hours. We’ll notify you once your campaign is officially posted on the website so that you can start sharing it to your social media accounts.                                                            

How do I support a campaign?

This is simple as well!

Empowering ordinary people to stand up for their communities drove us to create BEAGIVER Campaigns, thus in order to appeal to everyone we designed our platform in a way that is simple and easy to navigate.

Just visit our website at, browse through our existing campaigns, and then choose the particular campaign that you’d like to support. You can click purchase then input the number of items you’d like to help them raise or you can simply share the link of the campaign on your FB or Twitter timeline to help reach more people. 

What are the campaigns that I can make with BEAGIVER? 

You can initiate any campaign that you would like to create. But here are some of the existing categories of campaigns initiated by our current campaigners.

Relief Campaign

Through this category, you can raise 1 food pack for a family of 4 to 5 to help sustain them for at least a week. This campaign is relevant now that thousands of families are still struggling to get back on their feet.

Senior citizen couple smiles as one of TAHUD’s members hands them a food pack.

Frontliner Campaign

Through this category you can raise PPEs or masks for frontliners or people who could not afford to buy one. 

Frontliner from Romblon who received a free PPE from BEAGIVER Ruel’s campaign.

Education Campaign 

Schools may take time before they reopen but you can also initiate a campaign as early as now to provide them with educational gadgets such as laptops and other basic school supplies. In this category you can raise a bag, a raincoat, school supplies, or a laptop!

Hope in a Box

Other Campaigns

The campaign that you can initiate with BEAGIVER is not limited to these campaign categories. If you would like to create campaigns aside from the ones above, just send us an email at and we’ll be very glad to talk to you about it.

Do you want to help a community? 

Since 2017, the campaigns initiated on our platform have already reached and helped 196 communities all over the country with hundreds of campaigners signed up on the website. Now that we are opening our platform to help you provide the different needs of your communities, we are expecting to reach more communities and help more people get through this crisis even in the months to come. Together with BEAGIVER Campaigns, you or your organization can help more communities!

Feel free to visit our website at  or message us at to know more. Remember, that you don’t need to have much to help, all you need is a giving heart and the will to do something for your community and through our platform we will help you reach the people who have the same heart for giving as you.