BEAGIVER launches #WeGiveAsOne campaign to help COVID-19 crisis affected Filipinos

Our campaigner Ms. Dala and her family repacking the food packs for the displaced workers in Bohol.

Continuing our mission to create a platform for people who want to give, we launch #WeGiveAsOne –a series of campaigns initiated by caring individuals who want to provide for the needs of health workers, front liners, displaced workers, and indigent families heavily affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Since the outbreak of the virus and the consequent declaration of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), all sectors in our society have been affected. Major hospitals in the country struggled with the lack of PPEs for their health workers, public transportation was stopped and soon there were reports of contractual workers in Manila walking to their provinces with empty pockets while some stayed in the streets of Metro Manila in hopes that their source of living would resume and life would go back to normal once the lockdown is lifted.  These are just some of the heartbreaking situations that the Filipino people are experiencing right now. While all of us have long been aware of the struggles that exist in the lives of the marginalized sectors in our society, the onset of this public health crisis has made their plight even worse.  Every day, more and more pleas can be heard from our kababayans and as the lockdown in our country extends, so does the cry of the poor for help—especially for food.

Amidst these heartbreaking realities, Filipinos continue to prove our culture of Bayanihan through a wave of campaigns and initiatives created by several  NGOs, private organizations and ordinary individuals who have been doing all that they can to help, despite the limitations of being stuck at home.

In support of all these people we, too, in BEAGIVER would like to contribute by extending our platform for ordinary individuals who aspire to create an initiative for the people affected by this crisis—and that is how we came up with the #WeGiveAsOne campaign. This platform does not only make it efficient for people who want to initiate a campaign but it also makes it easy for people who want to give.

In a span of a little more than a week since it was launched, we now have one finished campaign initiated by Ms. Dala and her friends for the displaced workers of Bohol and two ongoing campaigns–one initiated by Dr. Anton Lim and the Tzu Chi Foundation to raise 20,000 faced masks for the people in Zamboanga and another created by Mr. Arnulfo Pierra Jr. to raise 137 food packs for the residents in Cebu.  If you want to support their campaigns you can either visit their campaign page or share it to your profile so that other people can see and support.

Just like them, you can also initiate a campaign for a certain community, just send us an e-mail through and we will help you create it! May we all be able to do what we can and spread the culture of generosity even in these times of crisis.  Ingat lagi, Givers! We hope you are all safe and well.