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Spreading the culture of generosity and creating sustainable and meaningful impact has always been what we aim for at BEAGIVER. With social impact at the core of what we do, our program has now expanded from giving of school bags with raincoats to providing economic benefits to partner communities through livelihood programs, clean water source in remote villages, school boats to carry school teachers to reach distant islands, solar lamps for off-grid communities and scholarship program for underprivileged but hardworking students -all these funded from the 25% of the enterprise’s net profit.

Thinking of bringing more long-lasting change to our communities, we took our efforts up a notch through the Community Empowerment Program – a four-month-long initiative designed to give local leaders training on Sustainable Leadership and Enterprise Development. The main goal of this program is to ensure the resiliency of our localities by establishing sustainable social enterprises conceptualized and created by the participating changemakers themselves based on the strengths and needs of their community. 

With the success of our first run, we will be launching the program once more with five new communities in the third-fourth quarter of this year, around August to November 2021. In order to achieve the success of this project, we would like to invite your organization to be part of this journey. We believe that your participation will also be a great opportunity for you to support more leaders and changemakers, to take part in localizing development, and to create more opportunities in our localities. 

If you want to know more about how to be part of this program, connect with us so we can explore areas where we can potentially partner and collaborate:


Should you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at

We hope that we can work together to make change happen in the future.