Water tanks

How could an archipelago have no available water for the people living in it?  


Well, it seems like being in a third world country with unsophisticated technology guarantees endless possibilities. In the Philippines, hundreds of communities still struggle in their-day-to-day life because of the lack of technology that would provide them with clean and potable water. This leads to the unimaginable issues and health problems that have been normalized and sadly accepted by these poor communities who have been crying for help for years. 

In 2018, through the project of VP Leni Robredo and the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation we took part in the building of a water tank for SItio Lipata which is located in the remote island of Caramoan.  There are still a lot of basic necessities inaccessible to the residents of the island but the families were  already very happy and grateful to finally have a means to keep clean water for their community. Soon we hope to make a way to provide potable water for the residents so that they would not have to suffer from the consumption of unclean water or travel far away just to get drinkable water for their families. Some day through projects such as this we hope to reach more communities who still have no access to basic necessities.