Solar lamps

Losing electricity for the night is a huge inconvenience for all of us. Imagine all the chores that we’ll have to do in the dark— the dinner meal that we have to cook, the dishes that we have to wash afterwards, or the homeworks that we have to finish before dawn– definitely, nothing would be easy! This is the life of a whole community in Caramoan Island. Even through years of modernization and advancement of technology, areas such as Sitio Lipata in Caramoan Island are still deprived of electricity due to the remote location of their islands. 


This is why through our #BeTheLight campaign, we were able to raise enough funds to buy 400 solar lamps as alternative light for the humble homes of the welcoming people of Caramoan. Now, the solar lamps allow the children to continue learning even in the night and see the paths of their tracks as they walk through the community in the darkness of the night. Solar lamps may be just one of the many solutions that we have to seek for the to aid in the lives of the marginalized sectors fo the communities. Someday we hope to give long-lasting light to more communities that are still left in the dark.