School boats

In a country wrathed by natural disasters, misinformation, corruption, and extreme poverty, the call to serve the people may seem like a rare purpose for the Filipinos to choose. But it seems like our ancestors have raised us well. Despite the unending problems that we face as a nation, true to our family-oriented nature, a lot of Filipinos still find a way to serve the people and give voice to the country’s marginalized communities. One of them is Mr. Windel Alvarez, the honourable teacher behind the #Bangkarunungan project.  The #Bangkarunungan project was conceptualized by Teacher Windel to bring education to the children who are unable to go to school due to the lack of transportation services from their islands that would bring them to the schools in the cities.Through this project, Teacher Windel still wanted to empower the youth with knowledge by going to their area himself along with other teachers to teach them the same concepts that other kids are lucky to learn in classrooms. 


To help Teacher Windell with his promising endeavour, we along with the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation built and donated one boat for the #Bangkarunungan project. Along with other stakeholder’s donations, the #Bangkarunungan boat now have three additional boats that will ship their project to success. Surely, more children from remote areas will get the education that they have been deprived of for years. Hopefully, we’ll  find more opportunities  like this to serve as an instrument of social change particularly, the empowerment of the youth.