Cocoro Handwoven Banig


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  • Material:
    • Pandan
  • Sizes:
    • Single – 36 x 74 inches 
    • Double – 42 x 74 inches
    • Queen – 56 x 74 inches

Cocoro is a social enterprise crafted by passionate changemakers from Team Palawan-Rizal, one of the participating chapters of BEAGIVER’s Community Empowerment Program 2020, designed to give local leaders training on sustainable leadership and enterprise development. 


Cocoro: Handwoven Crafts, named after the island-barangay in Palawan where it hails from, aims to uplift the living condition of the Cocoro traditional weaving community by further developing their innate skills in weaving and making use of the raw material that grows abundantly in their community. Pandan, the raw material, thrives well in the area so the community doesn’t have to source outside the island. 

Team Palawan-Rizal envisions to make their community’s unique and high-quality woven products more accessible to the market and make the enterprise sustainable for the community’s economic growth. Before the establishment of the enterprise, mothers-weavers would visit neighboring islands only to sell 2 banigs a month at such a low price. But now, having been organized together, a team of almost 50 mother-weavers gets an average of 40+ orders monthly nationwide, becoming a constant source of income for their families. 

Support the traditional weaving community. Help the mother-weavers from Palawan. Purchase a hand-woven product from Cocoro now. 

To know more about Cocoro, you may visit their Facebook page and Instagram account.


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