Thinking of celebrating your birthday for a community? Find inspiration from our past birthday campaigners! 

Are you thinking of spending your birthday by giving back? Here are some of our campaigners who made their days even more special by sharing their blessings:

BEAGIVER Gabe and the kids in Abra, her father’s hometown

In 2018, one of our campaigners, Gabe Brillantes went to her father’s hometown in Abra to give bags to 100 students in Tayum Elementary School. After 7 long hours of travel, Gabe and her family finally arrived in the hometown of her father at exactly the date of her birthday! Watch the whole video here to see Gabe’s journey and how happy the kids were with their new bags and Jollibee treats.

BEAGIVER Gabe with the kids of Tayum Elementary School on her 23rd birthday, 2018

BEAGIVER Edwin and the children in Andres Bonifacio Elementary School, Pasay

Edwin’s childhood was not easy. But the generosity of the people around him helped him make reach his dreams. In an interview video, Edwin recalls an anecdote as a child  born with little resources but with a huge appetite for learning and surrounded by people who cared. Watch this video to hear about Edwin’s inspiring words and how these memories led him to initiate a campaign during his birthday 2 years ago. 

BEAGIVER Edwin poses with the cheerful pupils of his alma mater, 2019

BEAGIVER Myra and the students of San Rafael National High School, Quezon

Even before Myra went to Saudi as an OFW, she has already been advocating for different causes. When she finally went back to the Philippines, she applied all that she learned from her work in Saudi and built her own small tailoring business in Pasig. She creates gowns and clothes for different occasions. Even as a small business, Myra still uses a portion of her profit to buy bags as gifts to the students in San Rafael National High School, a school close to her heart. Other than being the school where her mother went to, the small school in Quezon is special to Myra because of how dear it was to her grandparents who supported the school in its earlier years. To celebrate her birthday this year and to honor the memory of her grandparents, Myra initiated a campaign to raise bags as gifts for the students of San Rafael National High School. 

Support BEAGIVER Myra’s campaign.  Go to this link.

BEAGIVER Myra sits beside her lola who inspired her to initiate this campaign, 2019

BEAGIVER Jan Michael and the kids in Bulacan

You would not imagine how teachers like Teacher Jan Michael who already have little time for themselves can still carry on organizing campaigns to help their students! Growing up in a loving but poor family, Jan Michael was all too familiar with the challenges that children like him have to go through just to finish school– a right which, in our country, has already become a privilege to many. Now that he has become a head teacher in Bulacan, through the help of many people who contributed in his path, Jan made it a tradition to share blessings on his birthday by visiting a community and sharing goods with them. 

BEAGIVE R Jan hands out the gifts that he raised for the kids in their community, 2019

Cassie’s Bag of Dreams Campaign for children in impoverished Filipino communities

As young as 6 years old, BEAGIVER Cassie would already celebrate her birthday by raising funds to provide the educational needs of students in impoverished Filipino communities. In 2014, she started the Bag of Dreams challenge on our platform to raise school bags as gift to hundreds of children in Lucena, Quezon. Since then, with her dedication and the support of her givers, she has touched the lives of so many children, some her age and some even younger. This photo of her is one of the many shining moments ✨ we captured during her bag drives. Despite the pandemic, BEAGIVER Cassie continued her advocacy by raising Chromebook laptops to help address the inaccessibility of education caused by the shift to online classes.

Look back at BEAGIVER Cassie’s past bag drives by watching this video.

All smiles, young Cassie and her mom pose with the founder of BEAGIVER and the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, 2017.

We may not be able to gather like we used to but we can still do simple acts of kindness for our communities. Like our birthday campaigners, you, too, can celebrate your birthday by giving back!  Fill out our campaign form or send us an email at for your queries.