Spreading the Message of “No One Gets Left Behind”

Most of the pupils live in the mountainous areas which are prone to landslides. Aside from being a venue where pupils learn, during disasters, Bonifacio Elementary School serves as the evacuation center of the community. Because most families in the community live in poverty, parents struggle to provide their children with school supplies, some pupils even come school without breakfast.

I initiated this campaign to provide these pupils with water-repellent high quality bags to let them know that there are generous people out there thinking of them. Please join me in helping them. Thanks in advance for your support!


BEAGIVER Ann Therese Decasa
My parents have instilled in me to always think about those who had not been as lucky as me.nnI look back, to those days when my parents bring me to remote areas to give away clothes to families and candies to kids. We go to these places, not just to give away stuff and forget about it. We go there and really connect with the people and go back there as often as my parents can afford. My parents had come to know so many families of different backgrounds because of this.nnI have really good memories of making friends with so many kids, sons and daughters of the people who my parents treat like family. Some of these kids have now all grown. Some have become successful in their own way, others have not.nnI do not really know the real reasons for people's success in life but I believe that a drive to succeed is a good start. This bag drive is a great help to kids in school and most of all the bag is a symbol of the choice that every kid could make about their future, that they too could succeed in life.nnI would love to start my own act of love like what my parents have done and what a better place to start than the ancestral town of both my mother and father, Batuan.
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2020/07/31 09:39:00
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