Indigenous People has a special place in my heart.

Last month, I started a community involvement in 2 areas – one with the Tagbanua in Sitio Culandanum, Aborlan Palawan, and the other one is in Sitio Old Laiban, Tanay, Rizal.

The pupils in Sitio Culandanum were asked by their teachers to write a letter about their Christmas wishes which was forwarded to me. Reading their letters one by one, I felt like a sharp knife was piecing through my heart. Their wishes reflect the simplicity of their hearts.

Posted their letters in my facebook account to encourage others to share. Give them the opportunity to experience the joy of giving. That pupils in that IP school and most of their Christmas wishes were bags. In less than an hour after posting their letters, their requests were granted. My friends quickly responded to the call to share their blessings. 💕

This experienced last week inspired me to continue what I have started. Pondering on this, I came across the BEAGIVER ads online. Right away, I sent a message and inquired on how to do a Bag Drive.

Here I am now,  beginning to take a small step, lifting up to God this campaign, firmly believing that He can multiply and bring to fruition my simple and small step.

Please join me as I take a leap of faith to provide bags to the learners of Punang Elementary School in Española, Palawan. A big number of learners belong to the Pala’wan tribe. These children live kilometers away from the school, passing through rivers, muddy and rough roads. They are in most need of bags.

Can we be the hand of God to them? Together, let us bring love, light, and hope in their hearts. Together, let us make them feel loved and special. As the Christmas season draws near, let us remember them and let us bring the true meaning of Christmas by simply sharing a BAGFUL of LOVE.

Thank you so much. May God, the Giver of all that we have, bless you and reward you a thousandfold. 🙏


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