Radyo-Aralan para sa Cocoro Elementary School

Cocoro is an island barangay in the municipality of Magsaysay (Cuyo Island), Palawan. It is an hour travel by pumpboat from Bantayanan Municipal Mini Pier in Barangay Lucbuan.

They are one of the many schools in the country affected by the pandemic. Internet connection is really poor in the area. With the Modular Learning, the teachers are having difficulties in terms of printing the modules. They need to travel every week, for them to be able to print in Magsaysay. An hour travel by sea when the weather is not good is very risky.

This is the reason why their School Principal, Sir Ronald Patrona, came up with an idea of Radio Based Instruction learning.

RBI as a Learning Delivery Modality (LDM), is able to expand access to education by bringing it to where the learners are. It aims to provide learning opportunities to listeners and enable them to acquire equivalency in basic education through the broadcast of lessons.

I hope and pray that through this campaign, we can help Cocoro Elementary School teachers to deliver a quality education to their pupils. It really takes a village to raise a child.

Matamang Salamat! May God bless and reward you with His abundance.

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I am a full-time Mom and entrepreneur. Doing community works, particularly for the Indigenous Peoples, is one of my advocacies. I am also an advocate of Organic Backyard Gardening and Farming.
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