PAYMAYA IT FORWARD: Omaya Elementary School, Zambales

Rising from the ashes of Mt. Pinatubo, Omaya community lies in the mountain ridge of San Narciso, Zambales — 24 kilometers away from the national highway. Despite of the destructive effects of lahar before, Omaya people consistently persevere and rise from the destruction. They value the real essence of education in achieving their dreams even with the many different  challenges they face everyday because of poverty. Pupils there were also recognized for their triumph in academics and extra-curricular competitions.

Let us encourage them to work harder by giving these 89 school kids high-quality BEAGIVER school bags and raincoats that they can use for 3 years or more. These kids deserve every support that we can give so they stay in school and continue pursuing their dreams. Not only because we have so much to give, but  because generosity is who we are as a team. Let’s PayMaya It Forward!


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PayMaya It Foward
5 years ago