Pagmamahal sa DATAL

I learned about this community upon the recommendation of Fr. Larry Lorenzo who is doing an amazing mission in Sarangani Province. Datal, is a remote and mountainous barangay in the municipality of Alabel. It is home of the lumads or indigenous people, particularly the B’laan and the Taga-Kaulo tribes. From Alabel to Datal, it takes more than 2 hours to travel via motorcycle. Located in this far flung village is Datal Anggas Integrated School with about a hundred learners who are from poor families. I am hoping that through this bag drive, we will be able to reach out to them and provide school bags with raincoats. I am sure that they will be so grateful for the help that we can provide them. If you wish to be part of this initiative, you may purchase a bag to support one school kid from Datal. Thank you in advance!

Hello! My name is Josh Mahinay. Just like you, i am passionate about creating and providing value to communities that are socially and economically challenged. I believe that we exist to use our full potential to discover our purpose in this world, and that is to make a change and create an impact in the lives of others. Thank you for supporting my personal campaigns here and of course for being an advocate of what we do together here at BEAGIVER community.

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School Bag+Raincoat for 750.00.
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