Pack for Progress: Supporting Agta Tabangnon Education

Imagine starting your school day before dawn, embarking on a journey across hilly terrain just to reach the classroom. This is the reality for the children of Sitio San Jose, the furthest Indigenous Peoples community in Iriga City, Philippines.

Situated within Barangay Antipolo but most easily accessed through Barangay San Pedro, the children trek for one to one and a half hours each day to reach Fatima Integrated Farm School, Inc. (FIFSI) located at the Tadyong Tribe Settlement. Their journey includes crossing a bridge connecting the two barangays and hiking through rugged terrain before finally reaching the road in Barangay San Pedro. From there, it’s still a 600-meter walk to school. To ensure they arrive on time, these resilient children wake up as early as 4 AM, determined to pursue their education despite the challenges.

Since 1995, FIFSI has been a beacon of hope for these children, thanks to the dedication of the Daughters of Saint Anne nuns from Iriga City. Despite limited resources, these nuns have been volunteering to provide elementary-level education to the children of Sitio San Jose. Over the years, they’ve managed to build four school buildings, but there’s still much more to be done.

Now, we have the opportunity to make a difference. With your support, we can ensure that these children have access to quality education without enduring such arduous journeys.

Together, let’s empower the children of Sitio San Jose to reach for their dreams and build a brighter future for themselves and their community. Join us in this meaningful cause and make a lasting impact today.

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“Pack for Progress: Supporting Agta Tabangnon Education”


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