One BAG to CARRY DREAMS in it!

Bravely facing life’s hardship with positivity and smiles on their faces despite their young age inorder to achieve their dreams.These grade 7 students of Canhayupon National Highhschool have to walk daily for an hour just to attend class which is truly a good display of how determined they are to learn. Each one with undeniable determination is being serious in finishing their studies and bravely conquer each hardship for one day hope to achieve their dreams to help their parents and siblings live a better life.

Join and support me by giving them SCHOOLBAGS and hopping that through this simple step it may help them ACHIEVE and CARRY THEIR DREAMS IN IT.


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BEAGIVER Louneil Kenneth Guivencan
Trying to help create a POSITIVE change or difference in the lives of others.nnFormer SK Federated President of the Municipality of Dimiao.
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