Giving Back to Tanza Navotas where through Faith, my hope abounds into grace.

I was born in Tanza, Navotas, and I studied in Tanza Elementary School where my courage to finish my studies and dream to become successful in life started. I am a believer of education because I personally have benefited a lot like getting a better job after I graduated from college. Through education, and by attending different trainings, especially workshop about personality and business development, i developed courage to go overseas as a filipino worker and  fulfil my dream of living a comfortable life and provide good education to my kids. However, being an OFW is not easy as well. I have experienced a lot of challenges, especially being away from my family for few years. The situation became an eye opener for me that it is better to strive harder while you are still young, learn and educate yourself more and start your own business.  I felt so blessed to have accomplished so much doing what I loved – from my humble beginning to now being a businesswoman in Singapore with my beloved family. I hoping that starting this bag drive, not only that i can give back, may this initiative also provide opportunity to my family and friends to have the privilege to give and touch the lives of the school children of Tanza Elementary School.

Your support can give them the inspiration and courage to continue their school and and to keep on reaching for their dreams whatever it takes in order to have a good quality life in the future!
Thank you in advance for your support.

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BEAGIVER Mary Jane & Leonardo Censon
Hello everyone! We are couple Jane and Leo, both entrepreneur OFWs in Singapore. We are so grateful to be living a blessed life along with our children in this foreign country. However, despite where we are now, we always look back with full hearts, humbled and grateful because we too experienced how it is to live a poor and struggling life. Now, in our own little ways, we want to give back to God through his poor children and people as our expression of deep love and gratitude to Him, the source of all that we have now. We hope that you join us in our projects.
Update: 19/12/2019 @ 04:55pm

Thanks a lot to all who will support and will keep sharing the link to reach more awareness about this campaign.
Indeed we GIVE because we are in the positioned that we allow ourselves to be a bridge of hope and we CAN inspire more students to study well as many are believing them, that they can achieve the best quality of life that God stored for them.

Update: 03/09/2019 @ 01:08am

Blessed Day To All,

I would like to seek your kind support to support this BEAGIVER School bag & raincoat campaign to our student of Tanza Elementary School. We believe that our help will create a difference to their lives and extended to the next generation of those students who will be benefited with your generosity.

Let allow ourselves to be a blessings to many.
God bless you more and more….

Shalom! Shalom!

2023/10/31 11:30 PM
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