Give Back, Share Love with children

Hi! I’m Rosenie Gumban Gelera, 31 years old.
I am always thinking about helping other people by any means, especially children.
I am not very wealthy but I always wanted to help and initiate moves that can help others.

I live in Towerville, San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. Towerville is known as the relocation area from informal settler from manila. Most families in the community struggle to provide their children with school supplies. Some pupils even go to school without “baon” and breakfast.

I initiated this campaign to provide these pupils with high-quality bag and raincoat to let them know that there are still generous people out there thinking of them.
I also want to be an inspiration to others to still find time to think of our needful children, the little souls who wish a little piece of love from us.
Please join me in helping them and thanks in advance for your support.


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Lhea Chavez
4 years ago