Food packs for the people of Caohagan island in Cebu

The economic impact brought by the covid-19 crisis is now already felt in many parts of the country. In Caohagan Island, Lapu-Lapu Cebu, families whom i worked with during my previous community projects in the island sent me messages asking for help. It prompted me to initiate this campaign to hopefully help them during this crisis through the support of my generous friends and family. Aside from that, my birthday is also coming up and i’d like to take this as an opportunity to do something meaningful with the people who love and care for me, for the people of Caohagan who i love and care dearly.

One food pack can last a family of 4-5 persons for two weeks more or less. It contains the ff:
12kgs of Rice
1 Tray of Eggs
10pcs Noodles
5 Canned Sardines
Assorted Vegetables

This is a short-term solution to a problem that may last for many months or a year, but this help is already huge for these families who have children to worry about everyday. Thank you so much in advance and happy birthday to me!

– Arnulfo


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Hello everyone! My name is Arnulfo Pierra, a husband, a father, an educator and a community volunteer here in Cebu. In my own little ways, i try to bring help to islands and islets in Cebu that are not usually reached out because of their remoteness and distance from the main island. I do this through the support of my friends, family, school where i teach (Cebu International School) and organizations where i am part of like Yellow Boat of Hope Foundations. I thank you in advance for your support to my campaigns here. God Bless your generous heart!
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