Delivering love through bags; bringing smiles and inspiration one bag at a time

Hello, Givers!

My name is Faye, a Development Worker and a Volunteer supporting advocacies promoting education. This Christmas season, I am initiating a campaign to give school bags to three schools located in the remote areas of Zamboanga del Sur namely, Matalang Elementary School, Dakayakan Elementary School, and Josefina Elementary School. I have chosen to do this campaign for these schools which are home to the children of IP communities in Zamboanga, because I want to somehow inspire these pupils to continue pursuing their dreams despite the challenges that they may face along the way.

I remember a heartbreaking scene vividly in 2015, during one of my visits to a far-flung school in my province. Learners from that school were only using plastic cellophanes as school bags where they put the textbooks given to them. One time, a learner accidentally tripped his classmates’ plastic cellophane, and the owner of that makeshift bag cried shyly knowing that his bag had been ruined and torn. That scene broke my heart and from that day on, I started organizing a Bag and Slippers Campaign.

I want to do my part for these hardworking learners, in a simple way — by initiating this campaign to give them school bags, to remind them that somewhere out there, there are people who believe that they can be who they want to be. I hope you can join me in my campaign this Season of Giving. Let’s raise 253 school bags for these three schools in Zamboanga!

Thank you in advance, Givers!

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“Delivering love through bags; bringing smiles and inspiration one bag at a time”

2023/12/31 11:59 PM
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