Cassie’s Bag of Dreams – Chromebook Campaign

Covid-19 has not only devastated families’ livelihoods and put their health at risk, but it has also widened the gap in terms of access to educational resources. The current pandemic forced schools around the world to close and deliver instruction virtually. For many students, even though this is not the preferred method of learning, it was relatively easy to adjust to online lessons. For our Project PEARLS scholars ( ), however, distance learning proved yet to be another obstacle hindering them from obtaining a meaningful education. Only 1% of our 500+ scholars have their own computer at home. About 96% of them do not have an internet connection, while 56% of the students borrow cell phones from others just to be able to attend classes. For these kids, access to technology (or the lack thereof), which allows for effective social distance learning, is a roadblock that has had a dramatic impact on our scholars’ educational experiences.

Cassie’s Bag of Dreams was started with the goal of breaking the cycle of childhood poverty by inspiring hope and giving educational resources to underprivileged children. This year I am once again partnering with Project PEARLS in education initiatives to help the scholars affected by school closures. Project PEARLS is working to provide routers and wifi hotspots in the communities so that the scholars can access learning modules and classroom lessons online. On my end, instead of backpacks, I am fundraising to buy chromebooks for the Project PEARLS scholars in support of this mission.

For my 17th birthday this year, my goal is to raise 625,000 Php to buy 50 Chromebooks to benefit the college scholars and the Project PEARLS Learning Center in Bulacan. Each chromebook is about 13,000 Php. I hope you join me this year by either sponsoring a Chromebook or donating any amount towards the purchase of one. No amount is insignificant. Every dollar/peso counts.


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“Cassie’s Bag of Dreams – Chromebook Campaign”


From the time she turned 6 years old, Cassie Eng has dedicated her birthdays and summers to helping those in need around the world. Every year she has taken on a new philanthropic project that gives back to underprivileged communities. Every summer Cassie has the privilege of visiting the Philippines to embark on her initiatives to uplift, educate, and bring hope to impoverished children and families. Since age 11, her focus and personal project has been the Cassie’s Bag of Dreams Challenge, where she gives donors an opportunity to sponsor high-quality backpacks with school supplies to give to underprivileged children around the Philippines. Over the 6 years of this project, Cassie has given out over 2,500 backpacks. She fundamentally believes that education is the key to escaping poverty. By giving backpacks, her vision is to empower and provide hope to these marginalized children around the Philippines. Cassie hopes to encourage them to take an interest in school and help them see that education can lead to better opportunities for them and their families. By pursuing an education, they can help break away from the cycle of poverty. Read more about her previous Bag of Dreams at this website: In addition to her personal projects, Cassie is the Youth Ambassador for Project PEARLS, a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve the poorest populations in the Philippines through daily feedings, scholarship programs, after school workshops, and literacy boosters. They share the belief that education is the key to helping children overcome poverty and despair. As both an ambassador and active volunteer, she holds speaking engagements and leads fundraisers to raise awareness and support for the organization’s initiatives.
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