Bags of Hope to Burayukan Elem School Kids

We believe that giving a BAG OF HOPE to a young school kid means a lot to him especially in a barrio where even the basic needs of life are scarce.

Burayukan Elementary School in Tabuk City, Kalinga is situated in a barrio consisting of families of mostly small farmers and laborers trying to make ends meet. It’s not far from Nestor’s barrio.

We want to bless each kid to demonstrate God’s goodness, care, kindness – a true love in action. A Bag of Hope endeavors to inspire, motivate, and bring a smile to each kid.

If you have a PayMaya account or a Gcash, you may scan any of the QR codes below to contribute.

Please send a screenshot of your successful transaction to our email and put in the subject:

“Bags of Hope to Burayukan Elem School Kids


BEAGIVER Nestor, Gie, and Jethro Agtina
We are a family who are passionate of spreading faith, hope, and love through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Nestor grew up in a farm in Tabuk, Kalinga while Gie is from Kapangan, Benguet. We have seen and experienced ourselves how life is really though in the barrios. Jethro was born in New Zealand and we want to involve him in this project to reflect on our purpose in life. We are now living in Sydney, Australia. We see our lives to be channels of God's blessings and giving back to communities, especially in the far flung areas, will be an invaluable experience that we can do. It's called love in action.
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2022/07/20 12:25:00
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