BAGlaranon Padayon para sa Edukasyon

I am certain that pursuing our Children’s Education is a great foundation for their future.

This Campaign entitled “BAGlaranon Padayon Para sa Edukasyon” is an initiative which aims to provide school bags and raincoats for my fellow Boblaranon.

Boblaran is a coastal barangay (village) in the Municipality of Zumarraga Samar. The main source of income of families living in the area are farming and fishing.

The said barangay has only elementary school and thus learners after graduating elementary has to continue their studies in a high school in the neighboring barangay and they need to travel along the sea coast just to go to school.

Because I was raised in Boblaran, I believe these small tokens or gifts will give much joy and happiness to the children and to their families.

More so, Families from farmers and fisher folks are prime beneficiaries of this campaign. I know that this humble cause would be of great help in eradicating students at risk in dropping outs. likewise, this will empower children and somehow a better platform for sustaining education for all.

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