Bag for Tagbanua Pupils

The municipality of Linapacan is comprised of ten barangays. Three barangays of these are occupied by Tagbanua tribes, namely Barangay Calibangbangan, Barangonan and Decabaitot. The main livelihood here is fishing and about eighty-eight percent of the population relies on it. Thus, many parents are really struggling to send their children to school.

My group is raising 100 school bags with raincoats for the school children of Bgry. Calibangbangan to help those who don’t have decent bags to use in school. This hopefully can minimize the financial burden of their parents.. With high quality bags, they have something to put their notebooks, pens, pencils and other school things on. In doing this, we hope to become part, in small way, in the fulfillment of each child’s dream. This will surely have a profound impact to the children, as well as to their parents. In return, we hope that when the time comes, these kids will also be able to help others in the future. Help us plant a seed of generosity in their hearts. Help in our campaign by purchasing a bag for one kid. Thank you in advance!

BEAGIVER Raffy Agustin
Hi. My name is Raffy Lucio Agustin, the second son of my parents. Im 24 years old and still single. With a degree of Bachelor of Science in Fisheries,graduated 2016 at Palawan State University- Linapacan, Campus. Currently, i'am work at National Fisheries Research Development Institute (NFRDI) Philippines as Science Aide I and the same time i'am volounter at the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary, Coast Guard Auxiliary District 406th CGAD-PAL. Became Fisheries Livelihood Development Technician in Bureau of Aquatic Resources (BFAR). Also, worked at Tetra Tech ARD USAID-ECOFISH Project as Administrative Assistant and served as public servant in our community as Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman for past three years. My heart are willing to serve anyone around me and my heart rejoices helping other people. I'am doing this project for my fellow Tagbanua as one of the member of the Indigenous People in our Community who cannot afford to buy the needs of thier children at School. Because,people living here the main source of income is depending on Fishing. Beagiver Family, the bag they can use to study is a great help to the children in our Community. I'am from a poor family so have a lot of experienced all thier difficulties. Sometimes, we experienced to eat twice a day, just because no enough money to buy foods. We experienced eating sweet potatoes, banana, cassava and etc. So much hard our lives before. So now through this Bag Campaign may be inspiration to those who dream of getting educated.Thanks
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School Bag+Raincoat for 750.00.
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