Going through this box is like having a Cacao 101 lesson. Every pack is not only filled with goodness, but also with new learnings about cacao. The first pack contains sun-dried cacao beans. For the second and third packs, you can enjoy roasted cacao beans. The fourth pack has “Tableya” tablets. The fifth pack is filled with mango strips with dark chocolate coating. For the last pack, you can enjoy the 75% dark chocolate bars. Enjoy every pack while learning interesting facts about cacao.

This collaboration between Dalareich x Ginto Chocolates and BEAGIVER aims to help the cacao farming communities in Bohol. Aside from sourcing the finest beans used in making these chocolates from them, your purchase will also help rehabilitate heirloom cacao trees so they can be productive and generate more income for the farmers. See the project here


What is inside the box:

  • 1 pack sun-dried cacao beans
  • 2 packs roasted cacao beans
  • 1 pack tableya tablets
  • 1 pack mango strips with dark chocolate coating
  • 1 pack 75% dark chocolate bars

The “rafia box” used for this collection was passionately made by the women in the town of Tubigon. Rafia is a type of fabric made from the fibers of the Buri Palm Tree. For many years, wives of farmers and fisherfolks do loom weaving to provide additional income to the family.