Medicine / First-Aid Kit


Be prepared by having this easy-carry Medicine Kit, essential for work-related accidents, handling unexpected emergencies for family, schools, infants, kids. Also suitable for outdoor travel activities like camping, hiking, hunting, backpacking, sports, car, and boats.

Buy one, Give one – When you buy this kit, another one will be given to an impoverished Filipino family who does not have a kit to use in times of need.

[column md=”3″]Body Height:[/column][column md=”9″]5.5 in[/column]
[column md=”3″]Length:[/column][column md=”9″]6.5 in[/column]
[column md=”3″]Gusset Width:[/column][column md=”9″]1.5 in[/column]
[column md=”3″]Unfolded Height:[/column][column md=”9″]20.5[/column]
[column md=”3″]Materials:[/column][column md=”9″]Oxford Fabric, Genna lining, and Piping Strap[/column]


-3pcs. Decolgen
-3pcs. Loperamaid
-3pcs. Biogesic
-65ml. Alcohol
-Mediplus Gauze Pad
-Band Aid

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