The Liboron Origin Christmas Praline Collection is made from local Boholano ingredients. The beans were harvested from the rehabilitated cacao trees in the town of Calape, Bohol, Philippines. Each praline is named after 6 different towns of Bohol where the cacao trees are grown.

This collaboration between Dalareich x Ginto Chocolates and BEAGIVER aims to help the cacao farming communities in Bohol. Aside from sourcing the finest beans used in making these chocolates from them, your purchase will also help rehabilitate heirloom cacao trees so they can be productive and generate more income for the farmers. See the project here.


What is inside the box:

  • Calape – 50% Dark Chocolate filled with a citrusy local Passion Fruit Ganache
  • Loon – 50% Dark Chocolate filled with spicy Ginger and zesty Calamansi Ganache
  • Carmen –  Milk Chocolate with Cacao Nibs and Bohol Robusta Coffee
  • Talibon – Spicy Caramelized Orange in Dark Chocolate
  • Loboc – Pepper and Cinnamon in White Chocolate
  • Jagna – 75% Dark Heirloom Cacao with Mansanitas and Iba Ganache.

The ‘wooden box’ for this collection used repurposed wood that were put together by a small enterprise, Totalwoodkraft, in the town of Albur.

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