Radyo Aralan para sa Punang Elementary School

Please allow me to share with you the personal experience of Sir Job Ryan Abid from Punang Elementary School, Española, Palawan. It is my prayer that through this campaign, and through people with kind and generous hearts, together, we can extend our help to them. Thank you so much and God bless!

“Sir, paano po naming masusubaybayan ang anak namin kung kami nga ay hirap din kahit sa pagbabasa?”
This was just one of the sentiments of our parents in Punang Elementary School when they learned that the school would adopt the Modular Distance Learning for its three hundred fifty-four (354) pupils, while they are staying at home because of the threat brought by COVID-19 pandemic.

Essentially, parents and other learning facilitators at home have to be there, beside the child, to somehow guide the learner in answering the modules. The school has been seeing how the parents at home are struggling to make their kids learn. Although the teachers are conducting monitoring through house visits and text and calls, these interventions could not supplement the modular approach for them to learn what they are supposed to learn. This was reflected in the test scores of the learners.

Majority of the pupils could not finish the assigned tasks on time since they couldn’t learn independently. Somehow, this has affected their mental health as some of them were expressing their frustrations and were considering to quit and drop from class.

The DepED- Division of Palawan has been promoting Radio-based instruction to support the modular approach. This blended learning modality was already proven to enhance the learning experience of the child. Many schools were already identified by the department and the local government unit to receive funds for the RBI program. Punang Elementary School is not included in those schools.

Shall we be blessed to have the equipment needed, this radio-based instruction will essentially help everyone in the school to bolster the learning experience of the pupils. Principle wise, learning is evident if the modality used is multisensorial. With RBI, our pupils would listen to their teacher in the
radio, while answering their worksheets or modules. Synchronous learning is practiced as the teacher can give activities or ask questions to the listeners; at the same time the learners can answer these through a phone call from the teacher. Through RBI, the teaching-learning experience will be enriched.

During this time of pandemic, we, at Punang Elementary School, remain hopeful that our
learners can still receive the quality instruction they deserve. Through the Radio-Based Instruction, and with the help of everyone inside and outside the school, nothing is impossible. We can still work on the dreams that the school has set for our learners.

Punang Elementary School

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Radyo Aralan para sa Punang Elementary School



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