“Print the Future”


Printing and photocopying have become part of a Teacher’s Life. With the pandemic that has hit the whole world, a lot of things have been affected and one of it is our Education System. Once again, our teachers’ resilience and initiative are put to a test. With this challenging time, teachers in public schools are taking different initiatives to continue giving proper education to our youth. I have seen their sacrifice– from constructing modules to printing it. Though they have to endure the lack of resources such as bond papers, printers and photocopying machines, they still carried on with a smile. Some of them even have to spend their own money just to be able to continue giving out modules to their students.

In support of our beloved teachers, l have decided to start a campaign for them in Talima Elementary School. Through this campaign we hope to raise funds enough to buy a photocopying machine for the whole school. This photocopying machine will enable them to continue providing proper education to our children during this ongoing pandemic.

If you have a PayMaya account or a Gcash, you may scan any of the QR codes below to contribute.

Please send a screenshot of your successful transaction to our email beagiverph@gmail.com and put in the subject:

Print the Future


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