Peace for Tuburan kids

Tuburan Municipality is a second class municipality in the Province of Basilan. I have witnessed the war in Tuburan and saw how classrooms were damaged which makes it not conductive for learning. Despite the situation, you will see pupils walk several kilometers away just to attend school, braving the daily struggles they have to face, like lack of proper school materials, food and others. For the parents, when you sleep and wake up at the sound of a canon, you’ll hope that you’ll children won’t have to live that kind of life forever. You wish them to get an education, get a job and live a life that is peaceful.

While we can only hope for a better future, now, we have a chance to give these children a lift by providing their basic needs in school, a reliable school bag and raincoat that can make their studies a little better. Let’s make them feel and realise that they are not forgotten, and that we can actually about them.

With your help, I am raising 200 school bags for an  impoverished community in Barangay Sinulatan, Tuburan, Basilan.


I want to contribute

School Bag+Raincoat for 750.00.