Patag-Belen kong Mahal

Patag-Belen is a community located at the middle of the mountains of Caramoan, Camarines Sur. Due to its distance from the neighbouring towns, most of the people in the community has become discouraged to continue their studies eventually affecting the way their children pursue education as well. When I first came to this beautiful place, I found out that there exists an elementary school which caters to 98 pupils from kinder to Grade 6. Despite the struggles brought by poverty to the community, we were still welcomed by the kindhearted locals who took their time to tour us around their beautiful place. I fell in love with their breathtaking falls and mysterious caves that are still unknown to tourists. This experience urged me to lend a hand in igniting the hearts of the kids to dream big and aim high. This is why in celebration of my 33rd birthday, I am initiating a bag drive campaign for the kids of Patag-Poloan Elementary School. I hope you can help me realize this project and make these kids happy.

Jean De Jesus Naval BEED Graduate Teacher-1 DALSC Former Grade 6 Teacher at Guinahoan ES for 3 and half years(farthest Island of Caramoan) Ms ALS Bikolandia 4th Runner up 2018 Ms ALS Camarines Sur 2018 Ms Caramoan Madahom 2011 KALAHI-CIDSS Stakeholders Committee Member to Millennium Challenge Account Phils Environmentalist