Pag-asa at Pangarap sa mga mag-aaral ng Pangarap Village

I’m a Public School Teacher, an advocate of helping kids striving for their studies in spite of their economic status.

I am aiming to help some of the indigent students from Pangarap Elementary School. Pangarap Elementary School is situated at the edge of North Caloocan City, in the boundary of Caloocan, Bulacan and Quezon city, where there have been recent land disputes between the private firm and the local residents. This is why I would like to do my part to help them focus on their studies despite these things that affect their wellbeing by providing them with basic school materials.

This simple thing can already hugely help students whose families could not afford to buy them brand new school bags. For now, this is the best thing that I can do to motivate them to achieve their dreams. But I cannot do it alone. I hope you can help me raise 100 bags for the students in Pangarap Elementary School!

If you have a Maya account or a Gcash, you may scan any of the QR codes below to contribute.

Please send a screenshot of your successful transaction to our email and put in the subject:

“Pag-asa at Pangarap sa mga mag-aaral ng Pangarap Village”

Update: 11/09/2022 @ 11:24am

I’m a public school teacher, an advocate on helping kids who are striving to pursue their studies in spite of their economic status. By connecting to NGO’s and other civic group, that is the best thing I can do.

Pangarap Elementary School is located at the edge of North Caloocan, boundary of Bulacan and Quezon City. A school sitting in a disputed land from the private firm and local residents. By supporting students things they need even in small things, that will digress their attention from the current situation they are in and will focus on their goal to study more.

2023/09/30 11:30 PM