Keeping the Light Burning

The wrath of nature shake and brake our hearts for some reason. In a moment we ask the question “Why?” but then we should know two things. One is that everything happens for a reason and the other, we can always do something about it.
In Natonin, Mountain Province, some families lost their houses, their worldly belongings to the earth, but none of them have lost their dreams and goals and faith and hope. They still sent their children to school with all of these packed and etched in their little minds and hearts. These families lit up the fire in these children and it’s but our part to keep it burning.
We always wanted a better society, a generation who will prioritize what’s best for all, who’ll take care of us when we get old, who will make this world a better place. These children are that generation. Let’s take care of them while we’re here. Let’s provide them their needs while we can. If not us, who? If not now, when?
Join me in raising bags for the children in Puya-ao Elementary School, Alunogan, Natonin, Mountain Province. With your generous hearts, together we create the generation we ever wanted to see.
Thank you and God bless. Love and Peace.