Damag and Jacmal Pupils: Dreams inside the bag

Hello, Givers!

In the cold valley between Mt. Ambalawag and Mt. Mabfeher lies one among the oldest school in the history of Aguinaldo which is named Damag Elementary School. It is specifically situated at Lupao,  Jacmal, Aguinaldo, Ifugao where most of the residents belong to the Ayangan Tribe. As of the school year 2019-2020, there are about 105 pupils enrolled.

On the other hand, Jacmal Primary School, which was opened in 2016, has a total of 48 pupils this school year. Since there is no permanent school building yet, the barangay officials of Jacmal had offered the hall and they even built a room for the pupils to have a conducive and comfortable environment for learning.

Though the former is an old school and the latter is just a new one, they build lot of dreams for many pupils. Most of the pupils are sons and daughters of farm laborers. Some of the pupils are working so hard helping their parents sell fruits and vegetables in order to fill their stomachs and to be able to provide what is needed in school.

As I witnessed them grow, I can see in their eyes how they wanted to build their own dreams. They wanted to become young professionals. Some of them wanted to become teachers, leaders, police officers, and doctors. But how could they reach their goals in life when at their young age, they experienced having no bags to put their pens and their papers. How could they fulfill their dreams when they get sick and be absent all the time because they were caught in the rain having no umbrella or raincoat. This kind of situation can hinder their dreams.

That is why I think these children need us. They need us to help them have better lives in the future. They need us to provide at least some of the materials to build the foundation of their dreams.

May I encourage everyone to look for opportunities where you can give and help these pupils of Damag Elementary School and Jacmal Primary School for School Year 2020-2021.

Please support my campaign. Thank you very much.


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