Chocolate and the Bag Campaign

We are creating this campaign to provide quality school bags with raincoats to deserving impoverished kids around the province of Bohol. To inspire these kids to study well, we are eager to provide them with the supplies they need through your generosity, and in partnership with you. To make it more exciting for the school children, we are also giving them chocolates during the bag drive. While we have home-grown world-class chocolates, a lot of these children have not eaten a chocolate yet in their lives. We are also aiming to launch a feeding program for  communities that have malnourished children every quarter of the year.

We are asking for your support and love for this campaign by  inspiring even just one kid through your generous purchase. Buying one bag cannot only provide a kid the supplies that he needs, you also become part in providing livelihood to the women who make the bags, your way of supporting a social enterprise. Let’s build our nation together by giving back with what we have! Thank you so much.

BEAGIVER Dalareich Chocolate House
Dalareich Chocolate House is the first and only chocolate factory in Bohol. Its mission is to produce world-class chocolates made from the highest quality and locally sourced cacao through education, innovation, and sustainable production. DCH vision is to be the best chocolate maker that will put the Philippines, especially Bohol to the World’s Chocolate Map.