Centennial Bag Drive

Our barkada was formed back when we were in high school, where we experienced a lot of memorable, exciting and unforgettable moments of fun and first times! Through the highs and lows, we were each other’s go-to persons and our bond stayed strong since then. After the high school graduation, we went our separate ways to pursue our own dreams.

Eight years later, when we’ve finally achieved our goals and are now working as professionals to achieve greater dreams, we’ve decided to have a reunion. But, instead of the usual food and drinks party, we want to have a unique and different reunion — that’s to touch the lives of other people. Now that we’re professionals, we want to inspire others on their capabilities of achieving their dreams and in our own small way, we could be a part of that dream.

With the convenience of the internet and the initiative of one of our barkada members, we decided to create a cause to initiate a campaign. One of our barkada knew a location wherein most of her childhood were spent there and witnessed the lives of these kids, they live in coastal areas and are children of fishermen who only have enough income for daily needs, some may even have it barely. But nothing will be impossible if we can make these children dream of a bright future. And that somebody will help them achieve their goals someday and that someone will start in us, will start in You.

We are humbly asking for your support and love for giving for these kids through your generous purchase of the bags. We want give them a bright future with the start of a small token of inspiration just like when we were just kids dreaming of our goals today. Let’s give back with what we have today and let at least one kid smile and be inspired that a bright future awaits them. Thank you so much.

BEAGIVER Aureil Tagaro
“Your heart is where your treasure will be.”

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School Bag+Raincoat for 750.00.
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Aureil Tagaro
5 days ago