A Bag of HOPE for a better education

Visiting the place where my mama grew up always excites me. Whenever we arrive there all of my more than 12 cousins will welcome us asking “Ate, nagdala ka ng sapatos, ate sa akin damit, ate ako wala na akong bag.” I’m happy every time I can give something to them, even if its already used clothes, shoes, and bag but their smiles and happiness looks brand new. Rooming around in our barangay I met a lot of kids, kids who wish to have shoes and bag in school. My mama always taught me to give back and give importance to education for that is the only dream she had but remained a dream because she didn’t finish her studies even just elementary. I told my self when I return I want to help them one day.

In the year 2016 during my grade 10 year. It started with caroling and I told my friends that the money we have earned will be spent in a mini Christmas party for the children of Cagawasan, Inabanga, Bohol.

It was the start of my campaign, our campaign is on teaching students how important education is, and the giving of used clothes, toys and there are times we conduct feeding. This advocacy is for 3 years already. I was molded with the eagerness to help them because of the help of the organizations I’m into. When I joined pageant in our municipality and held as the winner I used half of my prize to buy school supplies to the children. One of my friend who helped me at that time said, “How I wish we could give them a bag to be paired with the school supplies.”

When I heard about the BEAGIVER during the YouthLead Convention I remembered what she said, the children and the smiles on their faces. I think they will be happier when they can receive a bag, that one of the children there wished to have before. I’m encouraging everyone who is willing to help the children in our barangay. In this simple act of kindness by your support, it can create hope and happiness in their hearts.

A simple bag it may seem but this can give them encouragement to study hard for a better future. God bless!

BEAGIVER roannemiles10200
I'm a 2nd year education student. A scholar in our school inorder to provide for my studies. I am a Chapter Head of Youth for Christ Tubigon, Bohol. Also a part of our Student Supreme Government as a Senator. Joining different oragnization and serving and helping other people is really my passion for it gives happiness that can never be bought and makes my heart filled with love seeing the smiles in the face of every people.

I want to contribute

School Bag+Raincoat for 750.00.