Bag-ong Pag-asa para sa East Villaflores Community

Hello, Givers!

Bag-ong Pag-asa is a new campaign that we initiated this year to raise school bags for children affected by Typhoon Odette. When the typhoon hit the Visayan region last December 2021, many children were not able to enjoy the Christmas season because their families had to build their toppled shelter from the ground.  Thus, as a social enterprise supporting advocacies for children’s welfare, we thought of simple ways to help reignite hope in their hearts. This is how we came up with the idea of initiating a bag drive campaign, to help remind the kids to continue dreaming and pursuing their right to education.

Now let us introduce you to one of our adopted communities. East Villaflores is a far-flung barangay located in the remote mountainous area of Maayon, Capiz. Despite this isolation, the people of the community have still found ways to create sustainable sources of food and livelihood through farming coconut, rice, corn, and vegetables.

However despite being located and surrounded by mountains, the area can still be susceptible to typhoons. And when the strongest typhoon of 2021 in the Philippines hit the country, many of the people in the community who lived humble lives in shelters found themselves hurrying to evacuation areas while their belongings were washed out by the rain and their houses destroyed by the winds.

The picture above shows the children a couple of days after the storm, attending a debriefing session with the community workers to help them cope with the after effects of experiencing a deadly typhoon. Now, according to the leaders of the community, the people are slowly getting back on their feet, from fixing their shelters to seeking ways to bring food to the table.

Help us do our part by giving hope to the children of East Villaflores! Let’s make them smile, in ways we can. One school bag= One happy kid. #Bag-ongPag-asa

If you have a PayMaya account or a Gcash, you may scan any of the QR codes below to contribute.

Please send a screenshot of your successful transaction to our email and put in the subject:

“Bag-ong Pag-asa para sa East Villaflores Community”


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