As an educator, it is very inspiring for me to be able to impart the knowledge and inspiration that my students need. In more than a year of teaching, I have seen the everyday struggles and sacrifices of my students just to be able to finish their studies and reach their life’s dreams. Amidst poverty, they persevere. However, it saddens me to know that despite their dedication, they are still unable to have the basic educational material that they needed.

I decided to pursue this campaign to help the students of Santa Maria National High School. I want to inspire these kids and motivate them that no matter what hindrances they will encounter, they can make their dreams into a reality. As simple as this might be, I know that this gesture will further inspire these kids to pursue their goals and reach their dreams. I believe that happiness doesn’t result from what we get but from what we give. So I urge you to support me in this campaign and together let us be a channel of God’s blessings.

2019/07/07 14:21:00
2019/08/31 14:21:00
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Anonymous BEAGIVER
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