Bag and Rain Coat with HOPE for KULAWAN ES (Banisilan, North Cotabato)

The first time that I realized how great it was to give hope to other people was when I was invited to join in the turnover of boats for the event of the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation in Maguindanao. I know that it’s hard to offer help to other people when you yourself need help but at the same time, there are also a lot of things that we can be thankful for– opportunity to go to school, complete sets of school supplies, complete school uniforms and an untiring trip to school. These are just some of the things we take for granted that other children do not have the privilege to experience.

This is why when I received a simple message from Sir Yusof Aluidin, the DepEd supervisor of the Municipality of Banisilan , Cotabato, seeking help for the pupils of Kulawan Elementary School, I saw hope! According to Sir Yusef, Kulawan Elementary School is the most remote school of their District.

Horse is their main means of transportation. But most students opt to hike for kilometres just to reach their school site which is located in the mountains of Banisilan. The Kulawan ES has a total population of 153 pupils from Kindegarten to Grade 6. Most of the pupils belong to the poor families who live in the mountainous sitios of Banisilan. Despite all these, the children do not get tired are in fact still motivated to study every day, because they know that this education is the only thing that their parents could pass on to them and the only thing that could save their lives from poverty.

Through this campaign, I want to serve as an instrument of the Lord to make an initiative for those in need. With your help, we can deliver hope to the pupils of Kulawan Elementary school. In this simple bag drive, we might be able to cover some of the needs of the children and help them achieve their dreams. With your help, we can deliver 153 durable bags and raincoats to the children of Kulawan Elementary School and continue their faith in hope.

BEAGIVER andrewsotomil12
👨‍🏫 DepEd Teacher 👩‍🌾Yellow Boat 🚤 of Hope Foundation-Volunteer and Community Facilitator