A journey to a bag full of destination

Do you believe that eyes speak the emotion that humans can’t? How our eyes reflect and flicker our feelings that our mouth refused to talk about. How time matures little kid’s mind because of misfortunes in life. Lastly, how poverty needs to fasten someone’s youth because they need to survive.
The students of San Isidro Elementary School in Oas, Albay speak bravery and determination. They were actively participating in class discussion, singing, laughing and greeting us with an unfamiliar glimpse on their eyes but with wide smile on their faces. Forgetting about their shyness, the struggles that each and every one of them is carrying, the hunger, and the lack of school supplies. Despite their difficulties in life, they were very much ready to face what’s ahead of them and also to lend a helping hand. Not bothered by those long walks, a river, old uniforms, slippers, and bags that were used for more than three to five school years. As long as they will able to go to school, make their dreams come true and they will continue to fight. These kids lead us to a new perspective on life. In return, we made a campaign that especially made for them. As future Entrepreneurs, we aim to let them know that we don’t just focus on the profit itself but also on the ways on how to help others as one of the reasons why we wish to have a business someday and to let them realize that they are loved and cared despite destitution.

BEAGIVER rpomoceno30
2nd Year Entrepreneurship Student from Albay, Bicol Region.