A heart for DuWOW

Education is for all and every Filipino child deserves to have access to quality, relevant and excellent education. Sadly, some Filipino children still struggle to access it because of poverty. One of the factors to alleviate poverty is good education but in some areas here in the Philippines, poverty still makes education inaccessible. Indigenous peoples from far areas of the Philippines experience limited support from the government because of the inaccessibility of the area. Due to their state, our indigenous brothers and sisters would rather prioritize looking for ways to survive in their everyday lives and bring food to the table than go to school. And even though, there’s a Pilipino Pantawid Pamilya Program of the government, it is still not enough for their family needs.

Duwow Elementary School is a multigrade public school with 61 students from Kinder to Grade 6. It is located at Brgy. Manobo, Magpet, Noth Cotabato near the foot of Mt. Apo. The kids walk several kilometers for 45 minutes to 1 hour, passing by rivers and mountains just to go to school and have access to quality, relevant and excellent education. Most of them have no uniforms, slippers, raincoats, umbrellas and have limited school supplies.

This campaign was initiated to give high-quality bags for the students’ school supplies and durable raincoats for their protection especially that the rainy season has come. Together, let us help schools in Mindanao, especially the far flung areas. We believe that through simple ways like this, we can give hope, one school at a time.

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